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Tarun Arora, CEO, Zydus Wellness said that the company, to begin with, is investing massively to improve the penetration of the Complan brand in mass markets Remember the popular jingle 'I am a Complan Boy, I am a Complan Girl'? This popular ad campaign, which had successfully driven home the belief that Complan was the best nutrition supplement for a growing child through the eighties and nineties, somehow lost its way over the years. Frequent change of hands - from GSK to Kraft Heinz and then to Zydus Wellness - as well as frequent changes in formulation and positioning took a toll on the brand. Complan's market share, which a decade ago was in the region of 14-15 per cent (Horlicks has an over 60 per cent share), is now around 6-7 per cent of the overall malt-based beverage category. However, the brand's new owner Zydus Wellness (it acquired Heinz India for Rs 4,595 crore in 2018), is all set to give Complan a new lease of life......

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