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Amdavad News

How did a bunch of Amdavadis spend their Sunday morning? Ah, not sleeping, no. Mirror’s first-ever Tree Walk, organized along with Team TreeWalks led by Professor Lokendra Balasaria, at the lush green Parimal Gardens is what kept these nature lovers busy. The walk fused information about various trees and the techniques to nurture and keep them healthy and alive. It provided the participants with ‘pearls of wisdom’ on why they should make an effort to preserve the environment. The workshop was interactive as the participants walked around with experts, following all the interesting facts and figures. Fascinating facts such as the how the number of rings determines the age of a tree and the interdependent nature of the banyan satiated people’s curiosity. The garden was a safe haven for a variety of species of flowering trees like Gulmohar and Thespesia. The tree walkers elaborated on how pollination is essential for reproduction. But the pollen from Alstonia can also cause asthma. The workshop also provided pointers on how to protect trees from pests.

Amdavad News

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