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Amdavad News

Raj Patel, a businessman and resident of Mithakali crossroads in Ahmedabad, was impressed with the benefits his friend was reaping by installing a solar power generator on his rooftop. He decided to give it a go. After some research, he installed a 5KW system on his rooftop. “My electricity bill has already reduced by 80%,” Patel beams. He is among the growing breed of Amdavadis who are switching to alternate energy to power their homes. When it comes to adapting to renewable energy sources like solar power, Gujarat is definitely walking the talk! As per figures shared by the ministry of new & renewable energy (MNRE), of the 353 MW of solar energy projects commissioned in the country last year, one third (117.4 MW) was in Gujarat. These include both subsidised and non-subsidised projects.

Amdavad News

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