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Rajkot News

With over 85% of the average monsoon rain completed in the state of Gujarat so far, following are the details of storage of water. Out of the five largest dams in the state, namely Sardar Sarovar, Ukai, Kadana, Dharoi, and Panam, as per official data dated September 11, 2023, Gujarat’s lifeline and the largest dam, Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam, is now over 87.10 % full. The Ukai dam in Tapi district is currently at 79.24% of its storage capacity. Dharoi dam in Mehsana is at 91.16% of its capacity. On the other hand, Kadana dam in Mahisagar, the third-largest dam, is only at 35.89% of its storage. Panam, which is also in Mahisagar, is holding 49.88% of the water as of today. ....Cont

Rajkot News

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