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Rajkot News

University was a satellite platform for the main event held in London recently As a way of contributing to the global goals of sustainable development, city-based Parul University was selected amongst a limited number of centers across the world, to host the 2019 Global Grand Challenges Summit. The University was a satellite platform for the main event which was held in London recently.  With the sea levels continuously rising, floods and natural disasters sweeping away towns and cities and the scarcity of clean water adversely impacting the welfare of humanity across the entire globe. Sustainable development has become the only feasible and practical solution to combat the ever-growing impact of global warming and climate change.  The Summit had delegates comprised of  researchers, academicians, engineers, entrepreneurs from various parts of Asia and the world to discuss practical solutions to these global challenges. Parul University being an undersigning member of the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering, UK was selected as a strategic satellite point to host this summit and bring together, engineers and researchers from all over India. With the common intention of sharing practical solutions to some of these challenges through the use of Engineering and Innovation which is relevant to bring India on the road to sustainable development.

Rajkot News

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