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Surat News

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) on Monday initiated police action against three schools in Surat for “submitting forged documents for approval and affiliation”, after serving them show-cause notice. The discrepancies came to light during a drive initiated by the GSHSEB to verify the documents submitted online by private schools, following the case of Delhi Public School (DPS) East, Ahmedabad, which allegedly submitted forged documents to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for getting affiliation that was revealed after the Nithyananda Ashram case. The three Surat schools submitted forged Building Use Permission (BUP) and land record documents, the GSHSEB has found. One of the schools had been functional since 2015. “After the recent DPS case, the board became more cautious and initiated a verification drive of documents submitted by school managements. Since the documents are submitted online, a decision was taken to verify documents from all the certified agencies like taluka panchayat, municipal corporation and the revenue department. This verification drive would be a one-time activity but would be carried out on a regular basis,” said Dinesh Patel, GSHSEB secretary. Confirming the case of these three schools, sources said that two of the schools forged the BUP, while the third school’s trust submitted document showing a public plot as a private plot for using it as a playground for the school. They also said that one of these schools was given regular affiliation after provisional issued in 2015, while two schools run by the same trust were run through provisional affiliation in 2018 and 2019. The GSHSEB moved from physical to online application process for approval and affiliation in 2012. As per GSHSEB rules, provisional affiliation is granted once the documents are submitted online. It is followed by a regular affiliation after the completion of due verification and process. In the case of two schools run by Virendrapratap Education and Charitable Trust in Talangpor, Choryasi taluka of Surat district, the BUP submitted by the trust dated October 10, 2018 along with its application was found to be forged. “The agencies have certified that the BUP document is completely fabricated and forged. It was made on a forged letterhead. The official signatory authority — additional assistant engineer of Choryasi taluka panchayat office Surat district — has confirmed that no such BUP has been approved and it came to light that the signatures have been forged and the official has not signed on the document,” said a senior official on condition of anonymity. Even the taluka panchayat stamp on the certificate was not the one that is used by the office, the official said. Sources also said that the land for which the approval to run the schools has been taken was not bought by the trust. Thus the ownership documents are also not valid. The trust was awarded provisional affiliation for two schools in 2018 and 2019 based on these documents. The third school running since 2015 has a regular affiliation. It was denied approval as it had no playground and the school submitted the document of a common plot to be used as the school playground. This, too, was denied by the board, following which another forged document of a piece of land shown as a private plot was submitted on the basis of which it was granted provisional affiliation in 2015 followed by a regular affiliation. The CBSE withdrew its affiliation to DPS East, Ahmedabad, on December 1 after it was confirmed that the school forged a no-objection certificate (NoC). Based on its findings, the Gujarat education department requested the CBSE to cancel the school’s affiliation, after finding gross violation and suspecting criminal misrepresentation and forgery. The inquiry was initiated by the education department on November 16 after a case filed by Tamil Nadu-based Janardhan Sharma alleging that the Nithyananda ashram running from the premises of the school had kept his children in “illegal confinement”.

Surat News

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