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Surat News

Air India Express, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air India, has committed to launching flight services from Surat to Kochi and Sharjah within two months of Surat airport getting the customs notified status. Surat Airport Action Committee (SAAC) president Sanjay Ezhawa had gone to Kochi to meet Air India Express chief executive officer Shyam Sunder to discuss the launch of flight services from Surat on Monday. SAAC president Sanjay Ezhawa told TOI, “Air India Express is positive on the launch of Surat to Kochi and Surat to Sharjah flight services. But, they are waiting for Central Government to approve the customs notified status for Surat airport. Within one month after the customs notified status is given to the airport, Air India Express will launch Surat to Kochi flight and in two months from Surat to Sharjah.”

Surat News

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