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Vadodara News

Police officials in Vadodara will ensure that the safety of women is not compromised with on New Year's Eve but has issued an advisory which has warned them against wearing 'small clothes.' In its list of dos and dont's, the notification highlights that people should not indulge in anything that would have an adverse effect on children and the susankari society. In the notification, issued by Vadodara Police Commissioner Anupam Singh Ghalaut, people have been warned against rash driving, consumption of liquor and rowdy behavior. "Every year, under the pretext of celebrations for December 31 to welcome the new year, anti-social elements, either by themselves or through people known to them organize various kinds of parties. During such parties, the celebrations include consumption of intoxicating drinks, indulging in indecent behavior or posture," the notification reads.

Vadodara News

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