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Gujarat News

Even after 20 odd years, I distinctly remember the “washing powder Nirma” jingle and many others between the episodes of my favourite television show. Of course, it was never a diligent attempt at learning the quirky ads, but they remain deeply ingrained in my memory. That is exactly the kind of impact advertisements have on me and millions of viewers across the country. While it is one of the pleasant ways to indulge in 90s nostalgia, ads are also a reason why people end up spending more time on television. This has always been a concern among Indian parents who think their child could have used the ‘break’ time productively. For Vijay Kantharia who grew up in India’s diamond city, Surat, watching his favourite cartoons or cricket matches was never a satisfying experience for the simple reason that the ads interrupted the flow of the show. Besides, like every Indian, he would switch channels as soon as the show broke into an ad......