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Surat News

20-04-2021 20:16:13

Citizens opt for self imposed lockdown to break the chain of Corona spread across Gujarat

20-04-2021 16:47:58

Gujarat govt working hard to tackle COVID second wave : CM Vijay Rupani 

20-04-2021 08:48:26

રાજ્યમાં ખાનગી લેબમાં RT-PCR ટેસ્ટનાં ભા…

19-04-2021 09:18:27

Gujarat BJP chief CR Paatil appeals party leaders to start 'Maaru Page, Corona Mukt' Campaign 

19-04-2021 08:15:53

રાજ્યમાં RT PCR ની સુવિધા બમણી કરવામાં આવ…

19-04-2021 08:00:24

Laughing therapy used at a Covid vaccination centre in Surat to tackle fear 

18-04-2021 14:45:27

Covid cases are rising in the state, Govt. is working to tackle the surge: Dy. CM Nitin Patel 

18-04-2021 14:29:48

Covid-19 treatment now covered under 'Maa card' and  'Ayushman Bharat' scheme- Gujarat Govt&nbs…

17-04-2021 16:30:59

Despite the second wave of Covid-19 outbreak, farmers in Gujarat have sown over 10.61 lakh…

16-04-2021 16:26:27

Social workers, NGO's come forward to help Covid 19 patients in Surat 

16-04-2021 15:24:34

Several villages of Surat district decide to impose voluntary lockdown 

16-04-2021 05:41:28

With covid norms in place, ST dept's income plunges to half 

15-04-2021 20:18:28


15-04-2021 14:32:31

Gujarat Board exams of class 10th and 12th postponed, mass promotion for class 1-9th and 11th 

15-04-2021 11:17:44

Art to motivate people for COVID-19 vaccination

15-04-2021 07:20:34

Govt launches helpline number for depressed people

14-04-2021 15:50:53

Surat | 11 days old girl Corona Positive, former Mayor saved her life by donating Plasma

14-04-2021 15:15:02

BJP sets up help desk for Covid-19 patients in Surat Civil Hospital 

13-04-2021 15:59:34

BAPS સંસ્થાએ લીઘો મહત્વનો નિર્ણય 

13-04-2021 15:37:13

Ayurvedic Havan being performed at crematorium to purify air, Surat 

13-04-2021 08:33:16

COVID-19: Private and govt offices will function with 50 per cent staff: Gujarat CM Rupani 

13-04-2021 06:11:24

Surat: Coronavirus infected patients urge citizens to follow Covid rules 

09-04-2021 15:48:44

Watch LIVE: કોવિડ ટાસ્ક ફોર્સની પ્રેસ કોન્ફર…

09-04-2021 15:32:44

Decision to stop the covid spread in rural areas of Surat

08-04-2021 15:48:43

રાજ્યમાં 10 એપ્રિલે યોજાનારી આ પરીક્ષા…

07-04-2021 07:21:49

COVID-19 surge: Gujarat HC to remain shut from April 10-14 for sanitisation drive 

05-04-2021 17:28:21

Gujarat govt appoints 8 IAS officers to tackle Covid-19 situation 

05-04-2021 08:15:34

Now, you can get all information of constructed, under-construction roads via RTI, Gujarat 

05-04-2021 07:58:38

રાજ્યની તમામ શાળાઓ આજથી બંધ | 24 કલાકમાં…

04-04-2021 17:18:19

SMC makes Corona vaccine certificate or negative RT-PCR report mandatory to enter markets and malls

04-04-2021 16:40:25

Surat: Many societies closed for outsiders after rising coronavirus cases

04-04-2021 16:24:34

Heat Wave Alert For Gujarat | Heat Wave | Weather Forecast |

04-04-2021 15:21:25

Surat: : Street vendors evicted from Bhagal main road to break chain of Coronavirus spread

03-04-2021 20:36:43

Lockdown કરવું પડે તેવી હાલ રાજ્યમાં સ્થિત…

02-04-2021 16:49:20

સુરત  : રેલવે સ્ટેશન પર કોરોના ટેસ્ટિ…

02-04-2021 16:10:19

Surat માં Corona નો કેર વધતા મનપાના તમામ કર્મચ…

01-04-2021 18:25:53

Kids below 10 years contracting Coronavirus; SMC commissioner appeals citizens to take precautions

30-03-2021 07:00:57

Surat થી Diu વચ્ચે 'Cruise' સેવાની શરૂઆત Mansukh Mandaviya ન…

28-03-2021 15:59:56

RT-PCR report is mandatory for every person entering Gujarat from another state from 1 April

27-03-2021 16:42:50

Corona Virus: સુરતમાં તહેવારોમાં પણ ચાલુ રહેશ…

26-03-2021 17:17:43

Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar's Big Statement | માસ્ક નહીં પહેરો …

23-03-2021 07:18:47

Surat: SMC to ensure Covid-19 patients, family members adhere to SOP 

22-03-2021 20:49:32

Good News For Suratis! SMC to give 25% relief in residential and commer2cial property tax

22-03-2021 17:24:40

સુરતના વાતાવરણમાં અચાનક પલટો 

22-03-2021 16:49:45

Increase gap between two doses of Covishield to 6-8 weeks, Centre tells states 

22-03-2021 06:58:08

Amid surge in novel coronavirus cases, Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani on Sunday said that the s…

21-03-2021 14:32:30

હોળી ધૂળેટીમાં ભીડ એકત્ર કરવાની કોઇન…

21-03-2021 10:55:01

Nitin Patel: Corona vaccination process will continue on Sunday.

20-03-2021 16:37:56

પહેલા Ahmedabadમાં કર્ફ્યૂ, હવે Surat અને Rajkotમાં …

20-03-2021 08:01:37

Enforcement of Clinical Establishments Act soon in Gujarat

19-03-2021 20:50:31

Surat diamond association decides to shut diamond market for next 2 days

19-03-2021 17:33:53

Coronavirus Outbreak : Textile market to remain closed on Saturday and Sunday in Surat 

19-03-2021 07:25:04

In the wake of a rise in Covid-19 cases, the  Surat Municipal Corporation  on Wednesday is…

18-03-2021 16:26:17

Corona Lockdown: સ્કૂલ - કોલેજોમાં ઑફલાઈન શિક્ષણ…

18-03-2021 16:10:11

Gujarat Budget 2021- Roads and buildings

18-03-2021 15:34:49

નિર્ણાયક નેતૃત્વમાં ગુજરાત ઉત્તમથી સ…

17-03-2021 16:17:58

Gujarat budget 2021- Urban development

17-03-2021 16:07:23

Surat ના ઉધનામાં દુકાનો અને શાક માર્કેટ બ…

17-03-2021 12:16:31

Municipal Corporation have Ordered To Shut Schools And Tuition Classes Amid Corona Outbreak 

17-03-2021 09:06:50

Coronavirus: Number of micro -Containment Zones in Surat rises to 1250

17-03-2021 07:29:06

COVID-19: Curfew in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot from 10 pm to 6 am till March 31 

16-03-2021 16:45:14

Gujarat extends night curfew in 4 major cities

15-03-2021 16:38:21

the state was in the midst of the Patel reservation agitation. Led by 23-year-old Hardik Patel, the …

15-03-2021 11:00:42

Surat: Police Commissioner starts Dandi Yatra on bicycle

13-03-2021 12:26:11

Gujarat Government likely to ban Holi celebrations in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot 

09-03-2021 17:04:47

Surat Corona Alert | Surat માં કોરોના વાયરસની ત્રીજી લ…

08-03-2021 16:37:52

I MD predicts mixed season of temperatures for Gujarat.

08-03-2021 07:33:13

Parliamentary board of Gujarat BJP to meet today to decide names of mayors of 6 cities 

06-03-2021 11:58:44

Surat: 13 hospitals & 3 schools sealed for no fire safety

05-03-2021 20:43:14

Water storage under Sujlam Suflam scheme to begin from April 1

05-03-2021 16:18:54

ઉનાળામાં પિયત માટે નર્મદાનું પાણી આપ…

05-03-2021 12:23:39

Corona cases are increasing in Surat, urging people to follow Covid norms, says SMC Commissioner

05-03-2021 06:41:44

In an attempt to provide coaching and training for needy students of classes 11 and 12 of government…

The city police have come up with a unique way of spreading the.....

Speaking at the ‘Maritime India Summit 2021’, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said…

03-03-2021 12:27:51

WHO took notice of Gujarat govt's work and acclaimed our service during the pandemic- Nitin patel

03-03-2021 09:02:50

Gujarat ભાજપનો ગઢ છે ; - Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani | Gujarat BJP Wins In Local Ele…

01-03-2021 16:28:57

Enabling Women, Empowering the Nation   herSTART is one of GUSEC’s flagship programs…

Vijay Rupani: Will stop conversion of Hindu girls with a strict law; Gujarat CM 

24-02-2021 15:54:21

The Gujarat government on Monday set up check posts at borders of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to …

President Ram Nath Kovind on Wednesday inaugurated the world's largest cricket a…

22-02-2021 15:30:00

Surat To Patna New Flights | આજથી સુરતથી પટના વચ્ચે નવી …

21-02-2021 19:57:13

State election commissioner extends gratitude to concerned authorities for successful voting process…

21-02-2021 16:07:02

CM Vijay Rupani tests negative for Covid-19.

21-02-2021 09:04:45

રાજ્યમાં 6 મહાનગરપાલિકામાં 575 બેઠકો મા…

21-02-2021 07:22:16

Gujarat civic polls 2021-6 cities, including Ahmedabad, go to polls today

16-02-2021 15:46:14

The Gujarat government on Monday announced that the night curfew imposed in four major cities of the…

Public transport in Ahmedabad and Surat, Gujarat’s two important business centres, got a much-…

National Fighter Sports Club has organised boat race in Gujarat’s Surat on February 14. Severa…

15-02-2021 16:34:43

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has been tested positive for Covid19. His RT-PCR test report has…

15-02-2021 08:48:36

The Government of Gujarat will introduce a bill and pass an act regarding ‘Love Jihad’, …

11-02-2021 14:08:35

Election : Surat BJP prepared war room for social media campaigns | પ્રચાર માટે …

10-02-2021 08:19:21

Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today launched videos of its campaign for local elections under …

08-02-2021 15:23:50

ગુજરાત છે મક્કમ ભાજપ સાથે અડીખમ #ગુજરા…

The Gujarat government is setting up an Indian Institute of  .. Read more at:http://timesofindi…

02-02-2021 17:00:39

French Minister Barbara Pompili was on a one-day visit to the city of Surat, the second largest city…

31-01-2021 20:47:54

Surat: Duplicate branded shoe selling shops raided, footwear worth lakh of rupees seized

31-01-2021 20:26:28

Collectors and commissioners vaccinated against Coronàvirus under 2nd phase

28-01-2021 08:56:16

Covid guidelines likely to be relaxed in February 

Cars and bikes rally was organised in Gujarat’s Surat to spread awareness on drug abuse on Jan…

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